Starting a Vape Shop

When drawing to the end of the year, the Oxford Dictionary usually announces its word of the year. In 2014, the word “Vape” took the lead amidst a short list of revered contenders.

The Meaning of Vape and why it’s Prominent

Vape originates from the word vaporize or vapor. It refers to the process of inhaling vape juice through the mouth. This is often through an electronic cigarette that ends up heating up as well as vaporizing a liquid. The electronic cigarette also has a small reservoir of fluid containing a nicotine solution. When such a word takes the lead in the Oxford Dictionary, it implies that it’s not losing its fad any time sooner. E-cigarettes, also known as e-vaporizers, are common in this era. These devices resemble small USB memory sticks or pens. Additional devices such as fillable tanks can look different. Irrespective of their design or appearance, they operate similarly. Over 460 different brands of e-vape juice are in the market.


When a sector becomes this prominent, the business industry takes note of the impact it has created in the community. In research conducted by Quartz, it was established that there are approximately more than 2.7 shops in every bowling arena that dispense vape juice in the US. The numbers continue to grow making the vaping business one of the fastest growing trends in the sector. Those who are enticed by the idea can consider delving into the business. The following points can help with the startup.

The Economics of Establishing a Vaping Business

A significant number of consumers are using electronic cigarettes. This practice has created a viable opportunity for business professionals. Besides selling vape juice devices, some outlets provide a lounge where users can enjoy their products. Like with starting any business, there are challenges one must encounter. The FDA regulations and taxes are some of the necessary logistics has to consider. Statistics indicate that in 2016, more than 35 million individuals were vapers. The US represents the largest segment of the market.

What are the Local State Vape Taxes?

  • What are the Local State Vape Taxes?

The vaping industry is growing exponentially. The government must impose taxes on such products. Usually, it’s known as the excise taxes. It’s applied for certain reasons including to raise funds for the taxing authority. The vaping industry is highly taxed because of the rising number of consumers and the success of the business. It is, therefore, important for a business professional to factor in tax from their state. The taxing idea is to dissuade most users from consuming the product.

Check Out the Licensing and Permits

  • Check Out the Licensing and Permits

Now that you have gone through the tax laws successfully, you can decide if the vaping business is still right for you by factoring in the licensing and permit requirements. This is one of the most involving steps. Research federal as well as state and local news for viable information regarding the documents required when starting a vaping business. You should comply with the regulations of the government when it comes to selling vape juice or any other vaping product. Depending on your capital, you may need to own additional licenses as well as permits for you to legally open up and run a vape shop. Find out how much you need to hold these documents. The fees will vary from one state to another.

Work Out Your Startup Cost

  • Work Out Your Startup Cost

Regardless of the industry, every small business professional should take a few crucial steps towards launching their store. Consider opening a bank account first. The account will help you monitor cash flow in the business. You should also be in a position to scout and secure a viable location at this moment. Besides, you should closely work with a supplier and a brand ambassador for your products. To be successful in the vaping industry, one should also use accounting software that will help determine the cost of every product and the cash flow of the business. It will also help the business professional to assess progress. Before the business begins, the entrepreneur will need a launching marketing campaign.

You Need Insurance

  • You Need Insurance

Perhaps you think that you now have the green light to operate your vaping shop. But, you should also think about the insurance needs of the business. The vaping technology isn’t just new but unregulated and untested. Your business can face a lot of problems that may be solved by an insurance firm. This is highly possible in case a client falls sick. Also, electronic cigarettes such as MODS may lead to precarious explosions that can harm a consumer.

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